About us

Introducing the company

Khak Rangbar co. (Private Joint Stock company) was founded in Tehran in 1990. The shareholders, after executing successful projects in the field of gas valves and anesthetic gas for surgery rooms in Iran for the first time, invested in producing bleaching clay in the country, which is used for purification of different kinds of paraffin and oil. Therefore, a plant was built in the city of Abhar in Zanjan province. Khak Rangbar company is known as one of the leading companies in the field of research, production and development of knowledge-based chemicals in bentonite based specific products. Its products are used in a variety of fields including food, chemical and detergents’ industry. The goal of the company is to make use of the country’s rich bentonite mines in order to produce high quality products which can satisfy both the domestic and international customers. The vision of the company is to become a major base for producing and distributing any kind of bentonite-based products in the region. Current products of the company are classified in two basic groups:

Acid-activated bentonite (bleaching clay) with the nominal capacity of 10,000 tons a year

Alkali-activated bentonite (SOFONITE 2 in 1) with the nominal capacity of 25,000 tons a year

It should be noted that besides inventing and developing some of the machinery inside the company, most of them are from famous and credible European and American brands due to the complexity and sensitivity of its technology.