What s SOFONITE 2 in 1 ?

  • SOFONITE 2 in 1 function

Today, because of the rise in quality expectations, detergent producers are trying to optimize their formulation with using new additives in order to keep their market share through gaining competitive advantages in comparison with each other.

SOFONITE 2 in 1 serves as a softener additive for a variety of uses for washing clothes using powder, liquid and tablet detergents. SOFONITE 2 in 1 can improve the washing machine powder, clean and soften the clothes and facilitate the ironing. On the other hand, using SOFONITE 2 in 1 can help the scent of the powder last longer. This product is completely white and hinders clothes’ color distortion.

“SOFONITE 2 in 1”

Has a mission beyond only softening the cloth, it’s a multilateral innovation!

Key benefits of SOFONITE 2 in 1

  • Fabric softener: Through keeping a bit of moist in the dry cloth, it can cause an acceptable level of softness.
  • Reducing water hardness: Because of the negative charge of the bentonite sheets’ surface, it has a significant effect in attracting the cations of the hard water.
  • Color stabilization: Protecting the cloth fibers, it can cause its color to stabilize.
  • Ironability: it will accelerate ironing and extend the lasting of the powder’s aroma.
  • Environment friendly: When the washed-out water is thrown out in the open, it will not pollute the water and doesn’t have the problem of no decomposition and staying in the earth.
  • Proven efficiency: processed bentonite has been being used for over 30 years for softening and washing the clothes.
  • All-in-one product: SOFONITE 2 in 1 has many features all in one product.